NSU-Terror: German chiefs of security apparatus lied to committee

On 21th of November 2011 there was a memorable discussion in the committee for interior affairs of the German parliament. The cause were open questions regarding the right wing terror cell, called “National Socialist Underground” (NSU). Two of its three members diseased on 4th of November 2011 under strange circumstances.

The highest representatives of apparatus testified in front of the committee, the chief of the Federal Criminal Agency (Bundeskriminalamt), Jörg Ziercke, and the head of Federal Prosecutor General (Generalbundesanwalt). Ziercke claimed, that in the lung of one Nazi had been found soot of fire. This would say the autopsy report. Range added, that therefore Uwe Mundlos first shot his friend Uwe Böhnhardt, then set their caravan on fire, breathed in the soot and finally shot himself into the head (1).

Then for long time the Federal Prosecuter General held back the autopsy report (2). For example the chairman of the committee for interior affair did not see it. Mister Wolfgang Bosbach wrote me an email on 11.04.2014, asking me for the autopsy report (3). The background was an email of me. There I pointed out to him, that the commission of the federal state of Thüringen finally received the autopsy report – but just shortly before of their last meeting end of March 2014.

The parliamentarian from “Thüringen” quoted from the report, that neither Mister Mundlos nor Mister Böhnhardt had breathed in soot, there was no soot in the lungs! (4)

The security apparatus tried to explain, that on 21th of November their leaders just had preliminary results. This is also not correct. According to documents, which were leaked to the magazine “focus”, the autopsy was done on 5th of November 2011. On 18th of November the bodies of the two men were ready for cremation. On 24th of November 2011 there was a second autopsy, but it just included the body parts neck, arms, legs, back and buttock, which were not examined in the first autopsy. The chests were not opened a second time! (5)

Photo: Berliner-Kurier

The photo shows the dead Uwe Mundlos in his caravan. In front of him, under his feet, is the pumpgun. On the pumpgun were neither found his fingerprints nor genetic material “DNA” of him. There were no gunshot residues on his hands. It should be washed away by the fire fighting water. (6)

Another official claim: Inside the caravan were found two cartridges cases “Brenneke, 70 mm” of Uwe Mundlos Pumpgun “Winchester Defender 1300”. How could the second case be thrown out of the pumpgun – after Mister Mundlos shot himself into the head?

The squad leader on 4th of November 2011, Michael Menzel, tried to explain, that Mundlos, after the deadly head-shoot, let the pumpgun fall on the ground. Due to the impact the chamber of the pumpgun opened itself and the second case could fall out (7).

A murder of Uwe Mundlos und Uwe Böhnhardt would debunk the official narrative, that they together with Beate Zschäpe formed a small terrorist cell. It would show, that the three are used as scapegoats to hinder the view on a broader secret terrorist network.

The expert Professor Hajo Funke criticizes the parliamentarian of the Lower House of German Parliament (Bundestag). They would have “thwarted” their own investigation. The NSU-commission of the Bundestag would not have investigated adequately the case but claimed nevertheless in its final report, that it found nothing. The apparatus would just messed it up – for example due to its foolishness and incompetence. Funke includes in his criticism politician of the greens and left party (die Linke) (8).

The chairwoman of the left party in the former NSU-commission of the Bundestag was Petra Pau. She distanced herself against “conspiracy theories” (9), signed the cross-party exculpatory final report and is against a new investigation of the Bundestag. This does not hinder Petra Pau, who is also vice president of the Bundestag, to demand parliamentarian commissions in the federal states of Hessen and Baden-Württemberg. There the green party is part of the federal government and so against the commissions.

The media shut down is almost complete. So there is no public pressure on politician to press for the truth.

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